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They save the planet. Don´t leave them alone


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The efforts made in Ecuador to contain the effects of COVID-19 among the most vulnerable population have been remarkable. Both public and private institutions and citizens have contributed to containing the infection and its impact among the most vulnerable ones.

However, the imminent coexistence with the virus for several months and the return to a new normality, with the risks that this implies makes it necessary for these initiatives to remain in force, above all, to ensure that society maintains its social fabric in cohesion.

It is necessary to make this community of people feel that they have the support of those of us who live with them in society, to make it clear that we value their work and that we will not leave them alone in these difficult moments that the world is experiencing. 

For this reason, the REDIGEO Foundation, committed to the protection of the environment and the health of the population, has decided to undertake this campaign that seeks to support associated recyclers.

This human cluster carries out essential work for the environment, and therefore, for the health of the citizens of the world. Without their work, undoubtedly, many of the residues that they collect to give them a new opportunity would end up in the rivers and later in the oceans, which would seriously affect diverse marine species.

Another part of this waste could end up in the drainage and sewage systems of cities, collapsing them and generating floods in the rainy season, and of course, serious health problems.

A work that is often not recognized, or at all, is not sufficiently disseminated among the citizens, which is why the REDIGEO Foundation has decided to undertake a campaign to support the Regional Recycling Initiative (IRR) of Ecuador and Avina Foundation. 

REDIGEO is a non-governmental organization focused on developing projects that promote the conservation of the planet through the sustainable management of natural resources through policies of participation, execution, and strategic administration of environmental development at the local, national, and international levels.

REDIGEO is currently a member of the United Nations Global Compact and is carrying out a digital publication focused on environmental and health issues, which seeks to raise awareness among the world’s population, addressing issues that affect these aspects of people’s lives on the planet.

Our objective is to obtain resources to channel them towards these people as food so that they can maintain their work for the well-being of everyone. The goal is to get 1500 people to donate ten dollars each to support the work of recyclers and show them that they are not alone, but above all, that they are essential to us.

Other ways to help? 

 You can share this campaign on your social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, etc. If you wish to donate directly food kits (for a family of 4 lasting approximately one week), biosafety suits or masks, you can contact us directly


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